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Julie Reynolds

School Counselor
208-883-3195 (Direct Dial)

What was your experience with a school counselor? Some people think counselors are only here if things go wrong, but at Moscow Charter School, I am here for both the ups and downs of life. It is my pleasure to observe children learning in the classroom, lunchroom, and on the playground. I am sometimes able to read with a student, help with class work questions, or just talk about their day. I am rarely in my ‘office’, but can be reached through the main office at 883-3195 or emailed at

I can provide emotional counseling and academic guidance for our students either individually or in groups. My primary job is to help in anyway that keeps our school safe so that our students can focus on their learning tasks. I often consult and coordinate with teachers, staff, and parents when there is an issue or concern. When I am in the classroom, I try to keep an eye out for any student in need of specialized services or instruction. Although I am only here from 11am to 2pm, I try to help with the orientation of new students and those involved in grade level changes.

I provide classroom-guidance activities. Last year the 4th through 8th grades tried out the Myers Briggs Type Inventory which identified how they react to the world and in 5th through 8th we followed it with a handout of how their pattern of reacting relates to possible career options and communication issues. I will afford this opportunity to all new students in 5th through 8th as soon as possible.

This year, 2016-17, my counseling theme is ‘boundaries’ along with our school’s theme of ‘synergy’. I will be presenting a series of short classes to every age over the year.

My personal story: I went from kindergarten to college in the university town of Clemson, SC, graduating in 1979 with a BA in Psychology after trying my hand at Engineering. I was commissioned in the Army and served in Germany for one tour. I began my career teaching math at a private school in Columbus, GA, then moved to the great Northwest to teach at WSU for six years and continued as a tutor in my own business for seven years. I moved to Texas for grad school and received an MA in Counseling from UTSA. I was able to return to Moscow to start my counseling practice and have an office where I specialize in working with trauma.

I always try to relate in a positive manner so that we can cooperatively solve any problem. Please let me know how I can be of help!

Moscow Charter School · 1723 East F. Street · Moscow, ID 83843 · (208) 883-3195 · fax (208) 892-3855 · Attendance (208) 596-ILLS