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Cheryl Kintner

Second Grade Teacher
(208) 883-3195 ext 110 (Direct Dial)

It was August 1982. I was a graduate of Western Oregon College of Education without a teaching position.  But, I had heard that Montana might be hiring.  So, in November 1982, I found myself in Sidney, Montana, an oil boom-town, teaching third grade students.  I survived the coldest winter of my life that year as temperatures dipped to -40 degrees.
My second year of teaching barely brought me back to Eastern Oregon.  I taught for two years at Crane Elementary School in Crane, Oregon.  This small community lies 30 miles south of Burns, Oregon. Large ranches covered this high desert plateau and my third-fourth graders enjoyed their respite from ranching once school began.  Our steak school lunch on Friday afternoons was delicious but a little difficult for the students who had raised fair animals that year.
Next, I accepted a job teaching second graders on the Warm Springs Reservation, part of the Madras School District.  Many memories were made in those years.  I enjoyed learning to Pow Wow Dance in PE.  Regalia adorned every child as they celebrated their new school year with a community wide Pow-Wow.  Sitting on the grass, gave me an opportunity to admire the colors, listen to the drums sing, and respond to the prayers of the elders for their children.  What a rich experience!

My teaching position in Colfax, Washington brought me to the Palouse in 1992.  All second and third graders were in the old Catholic School while Colfax Elementary School was being remodeled.  Once we got rid of the fleas in the carpet, life returned to normal. 

Well, my time on the Palouse has not been dull.  A marriage brought two children of my own into my life.  They are a joy to me.  Amy is 13 and Robby is 11.  We live in Pullman.
My masterís thesis was about creativity in children and Moscow Charter School seemed to be a fit for me.  Iíve appreciated the opportunity to do what I enjoy; teaching children.
My best to you,


Cheryl Kintner

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