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Moscow Charter School




Tony Bonuccelli  photo

Tony Bonuccelli

Administrator / Principal

Classroom Teachers

Kathryn Bonzo  photo

Kathryn Bonzo

Fourth Grade Teacher
(208) 883-3195 ext 107 (Direct Dial)

Darlea Chatburn  photo

Darlea Chatburn

Seventh Grade Homeroom / Math
(208) 883-3195 ext 202 (Direct Dial)

Ibe Cole  photo

Ibe Cole

First Grade Teacher
(208) 883-3195 ext 109 (Direct Dial)

Paul Collins  photo

Paul Collins

Sixth Grade Homeroom / Science
(208) 883-3195 ext 201 (Direct Dial)

Annette DeMyer  photo

Annette DeMyer

Third Grade Co-Teacher/PE/Keyboarding/Elem. GT
208-883-3195 ext 105 (Direct Dial)

Janet Granja  photo

Janet Granja

Third Grade Teacher
(208) 883-3195 ext 105 (Direct Dial)

Tracy Hoffmeister  photo

Tracy Hoffmeister

Eighth Grade Homeroom / Language Arts & Social Studies
(208) 883-3195 ext 203 (Direct Dial)

Vanessa Hylton  photo

Vanessa Hylton

Fifth Grade Teacher
(208) 883-3195 ext 106 (Direct Dial)

Cheryl Kintner  photo

Cheryl Kintner

Second Grade Teacher
(208) 883-3195 ext 110 (Direct Dial)

Lynelle Rainer  photo

Lynelle Rainer

Kindergarten Teacher
208-883-3195 x111 (Direct Dial)

Parent Action Team

Amanda Palmer  photo

Amanda Palmer

PAT President

MCS PAT  photo


Parent Action Team

School Board

Leslie Baker  photo

Leslie Baker

School Board Member

John Menter  photo

John Menter

School Board Member

Jay Ostvig  photo

Jay Ostvig

School Board Member

Jade Stellmon  photo

Jade Stellmon

School Board Member

Jacob Turner  photo

Jacob Turner

School Board Member

Specialty Teachers

Christina Aus  photo

Christina Aus

Learning Specialist / M.S. GT

Paige Buehler  photo

Paige Buehler

Reading Specialist

Jessica Jones  photo

Jessica Jones

Art Teacher

Lynette Pfund  photo

Lynette Pfund

Music Teacher
208-883-3195 (Direct Dial)

Ellie Shinham  photo

Ellie Shinham

Theater Teacher

Support Staff

Milee Druffel-Satter  photo

Milee Druffel-Satter

208-883-3195 (Direct Dial)

Sarah Kelley  photo

Sarah Kelley

Lunch Facilitator
208-883-3195 (Direct Dial)

Gwen E. Mitchell Ph.D.  photo

Gwen E. Mitchell Ph.D.

School Psychologist

Caitlin Porter  photo

Caitlin Porter

208-883-3195 (Direct Dial)

Lashelle Wilson  photo

Lashelle Wilson

Business Manager
(208) 883-3195 ext 102 (Direct Dial)

Katie Young  photo

Katie Young

School Aide
208-883-3195 (Direct Dial)

Moscow Charter School 1723 East F. Street Moscow, ID 83843 (208) 883-3195 fax (208) 892-3855 Attendance (208) 596-ILLS